dust_collectorWe specialize in cleaning the filters that clean your air. Don’t spend top dollars to buy filters for your equipment, let us help you save your company money.


Savings helps your bottom line. Saves money, save 50 – 70% in filter costs. Filter does not end up in a landfill. No sales tax on cleaned filters. Cleaned filters protect engines and equipment better than a new filter.

Example filters we clean:

Donaldson P030901-016-436

Donaldson P033930-016-436

Donaldson P034006-016-436

Donaldson P034028-016-433

Donaldson P030924-016-436

Donaldson P145891-016-436

Donaldson P191233-016-436

Donaldson P191528-016-436

Donaldson P527078-016-436

Donaldson P191523-016-436

Donaldson P521420-016-436

Donaldson P191533-016-436

Donaldson P191137-016-431

Donaldson P191510-016-431

Donaldson P191445-016-431

Donaldson P190837-016-426

Donaldson P191140-016-429

Donaldson P191700-016-429

Donaldson P191322-016-433

Donaldson P191330-016-433

Donaldson P031792-016-436

Donaldson P032290-016-436

Donaldson P134183-016-340

Donaldson P131912-016-340

Donaldson P134507-016-340

Donaldson P030588-016-002

Donaldson P191549-016-340

Donaldson P191562-016-340

Donaldson P030904-016-436

Donaldson P034021-016-436

Donaldson P030915-016-436

Donaldson P190817-016-436

Donaldson P191526-016-436

Donaldson P190906-016-436

Donaldson P033926-016-436

Donaldson P190818-016-436

Donaldson P191521-016-436

Donaldson P191133-016-431

Donaldson P191508-016-431

Donaldson P190884-016-426

Donaldson P191321-016-433

Donaldson P031790-016-436

Donaldson P190911-016-340

Donaldson P191194-016-340

Donaldson P191550-016-340

Donaldson P191564-016-340

Farr 116321-000

Farr 125154-009

Farr 1254154-013

Farr 211606-001

Farr 211831001

Farr 72518-001

Farr 72518-04

Farr 79203-000

Farr 84378

AAF 1835669-005

AAF 1835263-007

AAF 1658301-001

AAF 1835271-005

AAF 1835263-002

AAF 1835669-001

AAF 1835263-09

Machines that house filters we clean:


AerTable (Round Access Cover)

AerTable (Square Access Cover)

Ambient Air Tubesheets

Ambient Collection System (AT-3000)

Bin Vent

Cartridge Filtration System (CF Series)

Cartridge Filtration System (CX Series)

Downdraft Bench (DB-2000 & DB-3000)

Downdraft Bench (TDDB)

Downflo (DF)

Downflo II (DFT)

Downflo Containment System (DCS)

Downflo Oval (DFO)

Downflo (SDF)

Downflo WorkStation (DWS)

Dryflo (Advanced)

Dryflo (B)

Dryflo (C)

Dryflo (D) D1, D2-D10

Dryflo (MMA)

Dryflo (MMB)


Environmental Control Booth (ECB)



Porta-Trunk (PT-1000)


Round Vibra Shake (RVS-5)

Round Vibra Shake (RVS-10)

Round Vibra Shake (RVS-15)

ShopPro 5

ShopPro 10

ShopPro 15


TD (Large)

TD (Small)

Trunk 2000 (T-2000)

Vibra Shake (VS-550)

Vibra Shake (VS-1200 & 2400)

Vibra Shake (VS-1500 & 3000)

WeldAIR (WA-800)

WeldAIR (WA-800P)

WeldAIR (WA-1000C)

Weld Bench

WSO 15

WSO 20

WSO 25-1, 25-2, 25-3

WSO 10